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Oracle HA with CVO HA


Im trying to consider how to migrate an on-prem Oracle RAC solution to AWS. Im aware RAC is not supported on AWS nor do i really want to keep it just for HA. The AWS environment will use CVO HA so the storage is shared / aggregated and presented as NFS / iSCSI


Im not an Oracle expert so any help gratefully received !


Plan is to have 2 DB servers in 2 AZ's and 2 NetApp filers in 2 AZ's for resilience.


For the storage level i know I can use SyncMirror in CVO HA to synchronously replicate data between the NetApp volumes. I assume this would include all Oracle data files, redo logs etc ? So that gives me zero data loss, storage failover etc. However i'd need then to manage failover at the Oracle layer and not especially keen on doing that via Route53 or NLB


Therefore if i were to use Active DataGuard with an observer/broker to manage the primary DB switch i believe that will that also do the storage replication instead of NetApp? In that case do i need CVO HA or can i just disable sync mirror for those volumes. Or can i get funky and have NetApp volumes for the redo logs, control files (using SSD EBS disks) and use ADG to replicate and still use SyncMirror to replicate the datafile volumes?



Not an Oracle expert but I don't think that Route53 or NLB would be involved (unless your clients would access Oracle from the outside in which case - for example - AWS Transit Gateway could be used).


Take a look at for an overview and ideas.


CVO AWS networking-related docs (there's a similar page for Azure):



That requires deep knowledge.