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Regarding CloudONTAP PoC in VMWare / OpenStack




I am working on one PoC where I need to CloudONTAP VM or Instance in VMWare or OpenStack environment...


I have downloaded CloudONTAP from following link:


Pls let me know if I can use this downloaded file for CloudONTAP VM / Instance creation for VMWare or OpenStack ??

If yes, Pls share any document or link whcih can help in this PoC

If No, is there any alternative to CloudONTAP which I can deploy in VMWare or OpenStack


Any help on this will be highly apprecieted.








Cloud Ontap is meant for AWS


Details of Cloud ONTAP

Cloud ONTAP for Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a software-only storage appliance that runs the clustered Data ONTAP storage operating system in the cloud. Building your cloud environment on Cloud ONTAP provides enterprise-class features for your cloud storage and gives you a universal storage platform that allows you to easily replicate data between your data center and the cloud.


for VM environments you can use Data ONTAP Edge


Details of Data ONTAP Edge

Data ONTAP Edge is a low-cost remote office storage solution that runs in a virtual machine on the VMware® vSphere® platform. Designed to complement NetApp® FAS and other storage systems running Data ONTAP, it delivers enterprise-class data management and protection to environments that do not warrant a dedicated NetApp storage system. Data ONTAP Edge is available with two license bundles:


Please see the Installation guide for Data ONTAP edge








Hello Ankit,



I'll try to answer your questions in regards to Cloud ONTAP.  If you are looking for a version of ONTAP that you can install on VMware, then Venkat is pointing you in the right direction to use ONTAP Edge.


Regarding the link you provided... it's not possible to download Cloud ONTAP from the NetApp Support Downloads pages.  It IS possible to download Cloud Manager from there, and you need Cloud Manager in order to deploy Cloud ONTAP.


Cloud Manager can either be deployed on a VM in your own environment or as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual machine.  Cloud ONTAP can ONLY be deployed as an AWS Virtual Machine.


As for resources:



Hope this helps,