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Upload Oracle RMAN data on-prem to AWS, using NFS/Cloud Volume or SnapMIrror /CVO?


I need to upload Oracle RMAN backup  data on-prem to AWS, I have two options: using Cloud Volume via NFS or implement Cloud Volume OnTap and then use SnapMirror.


The difference between these two  methods is, CV transfers data on file level, and the SM transfers data on block level. 


Here is my question: Since RMAN backup data is static data, do I have to transfer data on the block level?

either method should be fine, in my opinion.


What would you think, and why?



Hi Netappmagic,


SnapMirror would be the best option as there are built-in checkpoints into SnapMirror architecture that can resume the backup in the event of a disruption at the last checkpoint, instead of having to start from the beginning. SnapMirror can also be automated via scheduling.


Have you looked into our SnapCenter Plug-in for Oracle as SnapCenter does support Oracle RMAN?


Here is how to configure SnapCenter to work with Oracle RMAN:

SnapCenter Backup Cataloging with Oracle RMAN 





Team NetApp

Team NetApp


I have same question...


Hi, Thanks for your message. But, this seems not what I am asking for.


With SM solution, we have to license CVO. With CV, no cvo license required. So, if we don't  have to use SM, then we prefer CV 


Cloud Volume is transferring backup data on the file level versus Snapmirror is on the block level. For the purpose of transferring the backup data to AWS from on-prem, do we have to use SM&CVO?