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Cloud Volumes ONTAP with VMware Cloud on AWS

I am trying to determine what the current status is of using Cloud Volumes ONTAP as storage for VMs running in VMware Cloud on AWS.  Looking at the VMware FAQ site for AWS, the answer to the question:

"What external virtual storage arrays are supported on VMware Cloud on AWS?"

is the following:

"VMware Cloud on AWS supports a variety of AWS EC2 based virtual storage arrays and general purpose operating systems that export storage volumes or LUNs. Our storage partners will independently test and provide documentation for their respective solutions."


Where does NetApp stand in this process?  I looked on-line for the information on but did not find anything.  It's possible I wasn't looking in the proper place...



Re: Cloud Volumes ONTAP with VMware Cloud on AWS

Hi. in the following AWS TR it's explicitly listing VMWare in the table as supported, i can't however find it in the NetApp IMT - and i'm still not even sure what protocol it's based on (NFS? iSCSI?)


Note some other doc referincing this (with an old product name) by both vendors. (support for VVOLs on VMWARE on AWS cloud)