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Community Recognition for NetApp Ambassadors


When we did some recent outreach to customers who were new to NetApp, we got a surprise. Several of them were new companies, yes, who hadn’t bought NetApp before, but the contact we were welcoming and setting up for success was someone who was already familiar with NetApp. In fact, they "brought" NetApp with them when they changed jobs.


We love it when our loyal NetApp advocates take us with them from one company to another. That’s why we’ve created a special NetApp Community badge for being a NetApp Ambassador.


If you have ever taken NetApp with you to a new job, tell us your story! In return, we’ll decorate your profile with some flashy new flair. We’d love to hear any tips about how you convinced your new management to make the change. If, for some reason (security or privacy), you aren't able to share your story openly here, send me the details in a private message.

Community Manager \\ NetApp


Since I joined Telindus in the Netherlands eleven years ago I've been a genuine ambassador for Netapp Technology - indeed- with a capital T. Why? 'Cos it's Innovative and Competitive like no other, on prem as well as in the cloud. And it's always a pleasure to work with Netapp. Just joined the Astra project, fully managed storage provisioning and data management for Kubernetes. Netapp rocks, Netapp rules!



I was once a NetApp Technical Consultant as I started at ALSO Schweiz AG, a top NetApp Distributor partner since 2014. We started with small digits and now we are the number one NetApp Distributor in Switzerland. I have worked with nearly every major product in the portfolio, helping customers and partners use the NetApp Data Fabric to solve their toughest IT challenges. I especially love NetApp’s cloud and flash products, specifically, SolidFire. I’m always eager to learn more about the next big innovations that NetApp has in store. Throughout my career, I’ve made learning about NetApp and its technologies a priority. I’ve been inspired by many NetApp trainers like Nando “The Brainwasher” Gorsatt, who have also helped me on my journey from being a student of NetApp to becoming a trainer and joining NetApp United in 2018. I am an official Trainer for the NetApp NASP & NATSP classes since 2017 and have been participating in different kind of IDW’s. Being a member of NetApp A-Team is a huge privilege and I’m proud of it. This has been a big impact of where I am right now. Just last year, I was promoted as a Technical Lead NetApp. And now I can’t wait to be recognized as a NetApp Ambassador.