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Copying speed from storage to another

Dear all,

I would like to have some feedback if anyone has got or seen a case like that, here is the description of the case:

In a company, we have installed 2 Netapp storages 2040 with CIFS configured, we also have configured an aggregate link on the controller. We have got 2 old Intel storages, when we copy from Intel storage to Netapp the speed of copying is 25GB nearly per hour or 440 MB per minute.

To mention that link speed is 1GB on the NEtApp while it is 10GB on the Intel.

Is this copying speed acceptable, any advice please.

Best Regards,

Maurice Hajj


Re: Copying speed from storage to another

Hi Maurice,

you are copy data from an Intel Storage to a Netapp via cifs? That means to copy data from one Intel share to anothe Netapp share over a workstation am I right?

When we speak about 1GB ethernet we useally expect 40-60 Mb/sec but in your case we've only got 8 Mb/s.

What should I say.....?

Cifs is horrible slow! Sad but true. Especially small files, long names and deep file topology is really bad for cifs performance.

Re: Copying speed from storage to another

Is there anything to do to make it faster?

Best Regards

Re: Copying speed from storage to another

What about tape?

Backing up the Intel storage to tape (ndmp?) and then restore to the filer.

The ndmp protocol is much faster then cifs.

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