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Expanding a LUN


Hi Guys,

On a FAS2050 I'm running a 400Gb Volume with a LUN of about 200Gb.  Can I extend the size of the LUN with out losing the data allready there?


Re: Expanding a LUN


Absolutely. However, extending the lun does not mean extending the partition or filesystem. You will need to use a host-side utility (like Diskpart on Windows or fdisk on Linux) to resize the partition. Using SnapDrive, however, to resize your LUN will do that for you automatically.

Re: Expanding a LUN


You can expand the LUN in realtime without losing any current data. You can expand that LUN from filerview or the CLI. Once the LUN has been expanded on the Filer you will need to expand the filesystem from the OS. If its a Windows system you can use diskpart (

Re: Expanding a LUN


SnapDrive can expand file system on physical LUN only on Windows. On Unix SD can expand file system only if this is on top of volume manager by creating another LUN and expanding volume using volume manager.

Re: Expanding a LUN


Hi Guys,

Do you know how to extend the lun on Linux? Is it safe to use the fdisk?

Re: Expanding a LUN


Hi, Just out of interest. Will the LUN let you resize it if the connection to it is still Online? I have had issues before where I had to down the connecting server first before it would unlock the LUN to be able to expand it.

Also, if the LUN is hosting a SQL DB on a 2008 R2 server, would you need to down SQL service before running Diskpart on the Windows partition after the LUN has expanded?



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