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How to stop disturbing console messages that are generated from NDMP sessions?



In the filer console I am continuously getting verbose messages about NDMP sessions and access try outs from the hosts. It is very disturbing when I try to do something from console. I just want to know how to stop / disable those messages appearing in console. It would be much better, if those messages regarding NDMP can be redirected to some other location (for troubleshooting purposes, if required).

I am getting following type of messages...

[HOSTNAME:ndmp.authentication.accept:info]: ndmpd(authtype+password) allowed for version = 4, sessionId = 7322, from src ip =, dst ip = xx.xx.xx.xx, src port = 56183, dst port = 10000

[HOSTNAME:ndmp.connection.close:info]: ndmpd session closed successfully for version = 4, sessionId = 7322, from src ip =, dst ip =, src port = 56183, dst port = 10000

How do I stop those lengthy messages appearing in console?




You need to redirect your messages to message file only.

Take a look at syslog.conf.sample.

Basically, if you don't wany any console messages use this

# Log messages of priority info or higher to /etc/messages and not to the console.

#*.info                                  /dev/console

*.info                                  /etc/messages


If you just want that to stop, you can set ndmpd.connectlog.enabled to off.  Otherwise redirect like suggested above.