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Fabric Pool with Ceph S3 Storage



is it possible to move Storage Snapshots, taken by SnapCenter, directly to Ceph S3 Storage using Fabric Pool?

If yes, how can configure it? Do I need to add an "others" Cloud Tier as shown in the picture below?




This PDF says that there is the option to use StorageGrid or Ceph S3 with fabric Pool (Blue box on page 18),

hence my assumption that it does not need a StorageGrid to user fabric pool with Ceph S3 Storage.


Re: Fabric Pool with Ceph S3 Storage


Hi there!


Yes, you would add the Ceph presented S3 storage in under "Other". Once setup, you then set the tiering policy to snapshot only, and data that is only present in snapshots will be moved into it. Have a look at this page on our Documentation site for more information.


It is worth pointing out that this only moves the blocks which are used only in snapshots - it doesn't take each snapshot and send it to Ceph S3 as an object you can access independently.


StorageGRID is a NetApp product which provides S3 storage - when StorageGRID is used, there are not additional licensing costs as you have already paid for that tier to NetApp, but for other S3 platforms, there are.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Fabric Pool with Ceph S3 Storage


Hi @AlexDawson,

thank you very much, this definitely helps me!


So if I understand it correctly, simply said, there are active user data blocks, snapshot blocks and due to deduplication there are blocks used for both. And if I configure Fabric Pool with the "Snapshot only" policy, it will just move the snapshot blocks to S3 storage. Active user data blocks and deduplicated blocks used for snapshots and production data will still stay on the NetApp Storage (performance tier).


Is this correct?

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