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Where I work, we have a troublesome Windows 2012 R2 server with SQL Server 2008 R2 on (no Snapmanager for SQL though) that we are required to upgrade more
Hi, I have installed snapcenter 4.1.1 on Windows server 2016.  I have discovered Ontap 9.4 SVMs in snapcenter.  Also In snapcenter, I have configured more
In the past, with SMSQL and Snapdrive, the recovery of SQL was pretty simple.  During failover testing we would shutdown prod SQL VM, take volumes off more
I'm trying to setup Commvault to backup CIFS shares on a FAS cluster.   I have a File System iDA with a subclient pointing to \\NetApp\c$   If I add a more
Hi all;  where I work we have a  4 node Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V cluster, each with WHU 7.1, SnapDrive 7.1.5 and SnapManager for Hyper-v 2.1.3.  Cu more
We've setup the monitoring and reporting setting to report every day for backups. We're getting reports of missed backups for databases no longer on t more
Hi, Customer are planning to use vvol on VMware. They already have CI4N.  I didn´t find any information that vvol is supported on CI4N. Could you conf more
With Clustered DATA ONTAP, is it impossible to construct a reversed Snapmirror relationship (Restore processing) after deleting Snapmirror relation? * more
Hi, As "Snapshot backup of HANA 2.x MDC with multiple tenant" is not supported by SAP now, I'd like to know if at least the "file-based backup of HANA more
 in the past we need to restore some vm. restore was working without problems. after that i can remember fey days after restore my co worker found on more