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Hi,   I'm trying to use the prescript and postscript option provided by the SnapCenter Plugin for VMware vSphere.   As described in the "Data Protecti more
Hello, My customer need this kind of backup schedule to protect his DBs: 1.Sunday to Friday from 6:00-22:00 every week  2.Saturday Weekly backup     H more
Hello, I have a couple of questions about how to install SMBR properly: 1. What is exactly the best practice of installing SMBR? on the same Exchange more
Hello,         We have SME for exchange 2007 which is running on Windows 2003 X64.  Exchange 2007 has 10 databases which are snapmirrored to more
We are on Snapcenter: 4.1.1 P4 vCenter: 6.0.0 9313458 ESXi: 6.0.0 10474991 VM Guest: 2012R2   I have multiple ESXi hosts and and Windows VM's. I have more
Hello I have a customer who wants a complete data center relocation, involing both sites ( no failover) which run Netapp MetroCluster FC for ONTAP 9.3 more
Came across an error message which I havent seen before Trying to restore a server which have been deleted by mistakeShare resides on Netapp and is Ok more
Hi, ONTAP 9.6   I'm currently using the following solution: Async SnapMirror A => B SnapVault A => C No issues here with maintaining SV relationship more
Hi,   In 7-mode you could modify the SV source volume without incurring a full baseline transfer: more
So i have a customer who can backup direct from the NetApp to the tape libray of the fibre with great performance. The issue is when they try and do t more