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How to restore with Flexclone in Oracle DB


Customer is currently running Oracle DB on 3PAR. They take snapshot to the DB data and then write the archive log into the Snapshot to make sure Snapshot is ok. After writing DB +archive log, it will be mirror to DR site.


In NetApp A800 case, as Snapshot is read-only, which means we have to clone to Flexclone in order to make Snapshot writable. However question is how to restore using Flexclone (as LUN number may change), and does it require to mirror all the data again to DR site after FlexClone is restored?


We propose 2 solutions

1. Treat Archive Log as another volume and Snapshot again (customer doesn't accept to manage 2 volumes)

2. Proof with Oracle documents saying Oracle Begin Backup is not necessary

3. Ways to restore with Flexclone without re-syncing all data to DR




Re: How to restore with Flexclone in Oracle DB




FlexClone volumes can be managed similarly to regular FlexVol volumes, with a few important differences. For instance, the changes made to the parent FlexVol volume after the FlexClone volume is created are not reflected in the FlexClone volume.

So once you create the flexclone volume, it is not going to affect the parent volume so no need to resync it to the DR.


Hope that answer your concern.



Re: How to restore with Flexclone in Oracle DB


Hi there,


Thanks for your reply. Actually customer would like to add the archive log after taking snapshot, that's why we have to make the snapshot read-writable in order to include the archive log in the same snapshot/flexclone. I am not sure if there are any other ways to keep flexclone same ID as the snapshot taken and facilitate the restore to primary volume (to avoid all the resync to DR).



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