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Oracle DB not in Archive Log Mode


    We have oracle databases that are not configured for Archive Log Mode.  How do we get SnapCreator to take snapshots of these databases?  The out file is  attached.


Oracle DB not in Archive Log Mode



You have two options

1) Crash consistent. Comment out APP_NAME and just have SC take snapshot while DB is running. Since we dont do anything with DB backup is crash consistent.

2) Offline backup. Shutdown DB and snapshot volumes while its offline. You would also disable plugin so dont set or comment out APP_NAME. You can automate startup and shutdown of DB by providing script or sql commands.

APP_QUIESCE_CMD01=sqlplus / as sysdba;shutdown immediate;exit

APP_UNQUIESCE_CMD01=sqlplus / as sysdba;startup mount;alter database open;exit

I would probably create script for startup / shutdown and run it from SC in order to do some error checking but this should give you idea. This is just example.

For databases that are not in archive log mode there simply is no way to consistently back them up online

Hope this help


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Re: Oracle DB not in Archive Log Mode


I've created a "small" client plugin in perl that will shutdown oracle (quiesce) and startup oracle (unquiesce). I'm using it for some istances we have. I've uploaded it here:

If you want to give it a try let me know how it works.


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