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Hi  i habe snapcenter and more resource group, but only by one i get the error "No SnapMirror relationships were found. Resolution: Please mak more
Hi,   We are migrating from Snap Creator Framework to SnapCenter.   In snapcreator framework we were able to take snapshots of CIFS volumes (on a Neta more
Hello,         We have SME for exchange 2007 which is running on Windows 2003 X64.  Exchange 2007 has 10 databases which are snapmirrored to more
Hi,    I have installed SnapCenter 4.2.0 agents in two node SQL Server cluster with active-active configuration. But SnapCenter only can access to the more
Hi,   I'm trying to use the prescript and postscript option provided by the SnapCenter Plugin for VMware vSphere.   As described in the "Data Protecti more
Hi, I am using snapcreator 4.3.3p1 for setting up backup of HANA 2 multi-tenant with a single database tenant. I have created a single configuration w more
Hey all,   IMT doesnt specifically list support or lack of support for this, however we are having issues with Snap Drive 7.1.5 connecting to vSphere more
I am thinking about using Snap Creator to create a Oracle DB based on snapshot clone on the remote site after put the db in a hot backup mode.    Can more
Hello, how is it possible to change the destination of the backup transaction logs (.trb) for Microsoft SQL-Server (2012) ? Does this change have to b more
Hello,   I am just testing the SnapCenter SQL Plug-In and preparing to migrate from SnapManager for SQL. The link below describes the three backup typ more