SAP-Oracle archivlog handling

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Hi all,

Has anyone done archivlog handling with snapcreator?

My idea is to have two snapcreator Jobs. A daily Job that does the full backup of the instance!

A second Job that runs every 2 hours and just handles the archivlogs. In Detail, he takes the archivlogs and moves it to bachuparchivlog Destination and cleanup the backuparchivlog destination (all files older i.e.14 days)

I know how to do the cleanup part on the archivlog destination using the arch Action in snapcreator!

But the question is how to do the copy of all the archivlogs to backuparchivlog Location (similar to brarchiv in SAP)

Is there a function in snapcreator that does this? Or do I Need to do a pre/post command similar to "MS /path1/*.dbf /path2/*.dbf



Re: SAP-Oracle archivlog handling


there is no function for this. You need a pre/post command.



Re: SAP-Oracle archivlog handling

Hi Markus,

Yes, there is such a function, we have now our own plugin  with  2 new variables... ;-)