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SnapDrive for Windows

Hi! Any news on when SnapDrive will be supported on Windows Server 2008? (FCP and iSCSI)


Re: SnapDrive for Windows

From what I've read SnapDrive 6.0 will support this. Unfortunately, we have rules about talking about release dates in public. Your sales team can discuss these things with you under NDA. But I think I can safely say "very soon"

Re: SnapDrive for Windows

An extension of the same question -

Would it be safe to say that foreseeably after the release of SnapDrive for Longhorn, we'll see WS08 support for SME? (which would also imply Exchange 2007 SP1)

Thanks in advance!

Re: SnapDrive for Windows

That's a reasonable assumption, although I, personally, have less hard data on dates etc. But it is coming.

Re: SnapDrive for Windows

That is a safe statement. SME 5.0 wil require SDW 6.0 for Windows Server 2008 support. And yes, SME 5.0 will support Exchange 2007 SP1. SME 4.0 also supports Exchange 2007 SP1...but on a Windows Server 2003 platform.

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