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Snapdrive errors when using "-fs -nolvm" options on 4.1.1 (linux redhat 5.3)


Hi Guys,

  i am getting errors whenever i error when i do a "snapdrive storage create -lun /vol/xxxx/ -lunsize 1g -fs /mnt/test1 -nolvm -igroup serverA" Without the two options where no partitions are created everything seems fine.From the sd-trace files it seems to have some issues with the sfdisk utility in the native mpio config for redhat linux 5.3.

The error i am getting are

" 0001-742 Admin error: Error creating file system /mnt/test1 :mke2fs 1.39 (29-may-2006)

/dev/sdb1 is apparently in use by the system

Anyone has encounter this?


Kelvin Tuan


Re: Snapdrive errors when using "-fs -nolvm" options on 4.1.1 (linux redhat 5.3)


Hi Kelvin,

Did you check the IMT for supported configuration?  I'm showing RHEL 5.3 supported in various versions and protocols.  I took a look at the BURT db and got a few hits with similar issues but most were on versions prior to 3.0.  Check out Burt 228115 which had a similar issue but on the SUSE platform.  If  you're still having problems, check out the config checker and post a snapdc for the problem node.



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