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Upgrade SMSP 6.0 to 8.0.1

I need to upgrade SMSP 6 to SMSP 8 - however in the release notes for version 8.0 it says you have to have NetApp help you migrate the data.  Is this still a requirement?  Is there not a whitepaper somewhere I can use to do this myself.  If not, who exactly at NetApp do I contact?  Just the normal tech support line?




Re: Upgrade SMSP 6.0 to 8.0.1

Nk, Unfortunately  we do not have a direct way to do that you have to involve NetApp support (which in turn involves AvePoint support) to do the upgrade from SMSP 6.x to 7.x or above.



Re: Upgrade SMSP 6.0 to 8.0.1

Its more of a transition without the cDOT Transition Tool 1.3v.

Discovery Phase: Document --- SMSP 6.0 Manager and Agents, Data Protections, Backup Retention(s), Schedules, etc, then Upgrading SMSQL to 6.1, SMSP 6.0Upgrade SQL to 7.x, upgrade SnapDrive for Windows 7.x.

Then uninstall SMSP 6.x.,

Then Install SMSP 8.0

Verify the Data Protection Configuration from SMSP 6.0 with transitioned into SMSP 8.0

Use the Documentation is troubleshoot

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