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Recomendation or best option ???


Hi guys !! I have a question or I will like to know in your experience what is the best way to resolve this.

We have 2 nodes In those nodes we have 1 environment where we do a migration by snapmirror (between both nodes) , create clones, and map those clones at a backup server.

This process works fine and is a good solution for the environment but some part of the tasks are repetitive each week.

For example the snapmirror process works automatically and fine but in the destination volumes we have to create clones and the map the clones with his Luns map the LUNs at the backup server

this backup environment is used to test and the next week we do again the same the process.

What is the best option to let those tasks by automatically process the snap creator or by Power shell tool kit ? or if you have other option I really will apreciate the sugestion or comment.

- Unmap the old clones from bk server

- destroy it

- create a new clones

- map at bk server





Hello AD,

I think it really does depend on your environment and goals as to how you glue it together. Look into the POST script sections of your SC configs to see when you can call external scripts. It is possible to script out what you need and have SC then call the script to complete your clone, you can also install the SC agent on your clone host and have SC execute scripts on the clone target directly. The only advise I can give is to look into snapdrive and see what it can do. For example it might be simpler to call a snapdrive command to connect a flexclone to a vm via RDM instead of invoking the vmware/netapp api directly.




Thanks a los Chris

I really appreciate your help and support on this I will follow your advices and check by snap drive


Adriana D. De La Rosa P

Xerox Business Services

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Sorry to bother you again then can I assume SMO can be used to manage volumes of destination snapmirror?

For example can I use the SMO (snap manager to Oracle) in my secondary server to connect the volumes destiny and create clones send to backups or management?

Adriana D. De La Rosa P

Xerox Business Services

Senior Storage Enginner

Sorry for the late reply,

I'm not familiar with the inner-workings of SMO to tell you yes or no. I think a lot of folks using SC have a handful of custom post scripts that will help mount their clones, and then another set of custom post scripts to do application/database recovery.

It might be the case that instead of writing a script to do these activities, you could just call a snapdrive/snapmanager cli command, so your post script would be to call a snap product. This works well in somes cases and would save you some time, but may not work for others.