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snap restore 7 mode


Is there an option to restore  a folder from snapshot using command line or ndmp. Instead of restoring each file from the snapshot can we restore a complete folder from snapshot.


We have mulitple shares on the volumes but there are mulitple sub folder so is there any option to restore sub folder from the snapshot using cli or any other method.


We don't have access to use level folder to modify or copy files from snapshot.


Re: snap restore 7 mode


Hi Suresh, 



Thank you for contacting NetApp community, Unfortunately snap restore works at volume/file level in case if you still try to restore folder/Directory you get an error mesage stating "inappropriate file type or format", In this case what you can actually do is to clone the volume and copy the folder/sub-driectory you want.



Volume Clone


To clone an entire volume based on a snapshot (Mention the snapshot to which you want to restore the entire volume to), use the command below and the clone is almost immediately created, and can then be online and used live. The clone split operation happens in the background so you can move things and be live at the new location and causes not disruption/data loss.


vol clone create new_vol -s volume -b source_vol source_snap


Where “new_vol” is the new volume you want to create, “-s volume” is the space reservation, “-b source_vol” is the parent volume that the clone will be based on and “source_snap” is the snapshot you want to base the clone on.

Once the clone is completed, then you split this volume off from the snapshot


vol clone split start new_vol


Will then start the split operation on the “new_vol”







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