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Sanp restore 7-mode


Hi All,


We have a CIFS environment to each NAS filer AV scanner are connected. Malware team upgraded the software and forgot to change configuration settings on the server due to which there were 25k files got deleted. we tried to restore from the snapshot using scripts but we had an issue while running the scripts it could not identify the special charaters so we restored manually so can someone help us 


Remotely passing variables to a NetApp filer for Snap Restore Command

In my files.txt i have the list of files to be restored.

I get the contents of files.txt and pass each file to be restored as a variable to the following command

snap restore [-A | -V] [-f] [-t vol | file] [-s <snapshot-name>] [-r <restore-as-path>] <vol-name> | <restore-from-path>