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3.4 release/bug fixes


Hi -

Is the SnapCreator 3.4 release still on track for the end of June?  Just curious to see if it is close to be posted soon.

Also, is there a full list of bug fixes available yet?  I reviewed the initial release notes for 3.4 and was just curious to see all of the new enhancements/fixes.

Thanks -




Hi Jerry,

Yes SC 3.4.0 release is still on track for end of June. Complete release notes will be posted with release on NOW including BURTs fixed. If you are interested in anything specific I might be able to answer that ahead of time?




Thanks Keith -

I have been having an issue when I use 'recent' for the first SnapShot vs. timestamp for all the SnapShots when using SnapCreator to create the snap.

Basically, I happen to notice the SnapShot ending in "_recent" will not always be created.  I have looked at the logs and there were no errors during this time when SnapCreator was scheduled to run.  I have also checked the NetApp logs to see if the SnapShot was deleted (no indication).  I have also disabled 'SnapShot auto-delete' for all volumes.  The issue still exist from time to time.  Not sure if this is a DOT issue or if it may be an issue within SnapCreator. 

Based on what I have seen so far, I was planning on waiting till 3.4 to see if the issue persist after the upgrade in addition to putting a couple of scripts in place to see if I can catch when the SnapShot_recent no longer exsit.

- Jerry


Another question -

At this time the GUI does not appear to support adding volumes from multiple NetApp's (for source VSM/SV).  You can add multiple storage systems (under 'Filer Login Credentials'), but you cannot add volumes from multiple NetApp's (Under 'Snapshot Volumes/SnapMirror Volumes').  This customer has their Oracle volumes split between two source controllers (for performance).

Will the 3.4 GUI support adding Volumes for SnapShots/SnapMirror/SnapVault from dual controllers when they are split between the controllers?

At this time, it looks like the only way to add volumes from two different source controllers is to manually edit the ".conf" file and ensure you change the appropriate variables, i.e.:





In the GUI you can add/update multiple volumes including snapmirror or snapvault. You need to create config select 1 filer and volumes (you can only add 1 filer when creating profile). Once profile is created you can edit it, add other filers and there is also button to change volume. You would need to first add second filer then save config and find edit button to change volumes, this is located below snapshot/snapvault/snapmirror, it is a bit hard to see.



Thanks Keith,

I see now see the 'edit' button... I was looking at the top of each section.  Now that I see the button it is pretty obvious.

- Jerry