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APP_IGNORE_ERROR to Y, but no Warning anymore in SC 4.1.1


Hi All


In SC 3.5 we have set the Option APP_IGNORE_ERROR to Y, because we have a lot of DBs running on one Server. When one DB Backup fails the Job doesn't stop (because APP_IGNORE_ERROR=Y), but the Job went yellow in the Job Monitor. This Yellow Indicator is important for us for checking our Backups.


Now in 4.1.1P4D3 we have also set the Option  APP_IGNORE_ERROR to Y, but when one DB Backup fails the Job still went green in the Job Monitor. Is this a BUG or a wanted behaviour?







What plugin are you using if any?

This may affect the answer (but not sure).


This might have been a design change, but if you want the old behavior back I would encourage you to open a case.

This will log it in the support center and if will get tracked and I would guess in this instance the support person would reach out to engineering for a comment on the behavior.






Hi John


Thanks for your answer. We use SC 4.1.1P4D3. I have already open a Case.

In the Config File I found following explanation:


# APP_IGNORE_ERROR - (optional) - (Y|N) #

# If set to Y will cause Snap Creator to not exit when encountering an application error. An error message will

# be sent if SENDTRAP is configured but Snap Creator will not exit. This may be useful if you are backing up

# multiple databases and dont want a single database failure to stop the backup


So In my Understanding, SC should generate a Error (Warning) Message at least via sendtrap.


I will Update this thread, when I have further Info from Netapp Support