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Are You Experienced?


Have you experienced the new OnCommand Resource Navigator mobile app?  If so, what do you think of it so far?   If not, download it today (Apple iOS, Android) and share your experience with the community... and remember your feedback automatically enters you into a drawing to win a Lytro camera!



From Dave Collins:  "Yep!   Already showed it to a customer in 1 EBC.    Awesome!!!   Nice job!"


Pretty innovative, just downloaded it and though it was useful for cutting through the confusion. Wish we had something like this for all NetApp products.

I will admit, when I first saw a note on the app, I thought for a second you had done a super-secret mobile version of OnCommand itself - or at least a subset. Which our customers would of course absolutely love.

Nice work!


I've downloaded and played around with it as well.  Very well done!

Mike - one small thing.  You should probalby add SnapCreator in addition to SnapManager and OnCommand API in the "Integrate" section of the product listing page.

Jeff B - I agree BTW on the customer desire for a mobile version of OC UM...just need to get OCUM6 out first 😉


Very nice App to see what all the OnCommand-Stuff does and to decide which tool to use.

I also like the links to the most important websites.

Keep up the work!