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Backup rotation of Resource Group on SnapCenter 4.1 Plugin for VMware


Can you tell us backup rotation of Resource Group under SnapCenter 4.1 Plugin for VMware.

I tested backup rotation, the results are follows.

  • Add VM to ResoureGroup
    Backup rotation continues
  • Change from VM to Datastore
    New backup rotation starts, past backups remain
  • Remove VM from ResoureGroup
    New backup rotation starts, past backups remain

Can you please to tell me this is the correct specification and reference ?






if you remove an element fomr the Resource Group the backup will be retained to give you the possibility to restore it according to the retention you specified.


I.e with retention policy of 2 backups, you have a RG with vm1, vm2, vm3


first backup will contain vm1, vm2, vm3

second backup will contain vm1, vm2, vm3


now you delete vm3


third backup will contain vm1, vm2


if the retention will delete the fist backup that means you will not have the possibility to chose 2 possible restore for svm3 hence you will see 3 backups.

this is a design choice, in the feature i think will be introduced the option to change this behavior..


hope that helps