Data Backup and Recovery

Backups not working proplerly since upgrade to SC 4.1P1



I upgraded to SC4.1 yesterday and after my initial connection issues because of using 8080 instead of https,8443, I thought all was fixed.  I copied in my old config files from 4.0 and started a backup via our scheduling program.  SC puts our DB2 DB in write suspend as normal, then snaps if via snapdrive, and hands the job off to OnCommand to protect.  Prior to the upgrade OC would mirror then vault the snap.  Now, it only mirrors the snapshot.  The only sign of error that I can see is in the SC logs for the job.  See  the attach screen shot.

Thanks in advance for the help.




Hello Michael,

When we needed to support cDOT 8.2 and Snap Vault, there were some changes done to the SC 4.1 snapvault code.

This in-turn broke QSM feature that was used by few customers.

We are trying to address this in a future release.

When working with dataset, we just flag the dataset that an update is needed.

Then the dataset handles the SM or SV updates.

cdctops1_g/-  non-qtree

cdctops1_g/q0 qtree

Looks like both are added to the dataset snapcreator_CDCTOPS1 properly.

what happens to the dataset afterwards?

does the update fail? does it complain any?

In any case, May I request you to register a support case and work with this with our support center?  (please provide a scdump when registering the case)

This might need more time and analysis and a possible fix.

Siva Ramanathan


Thanks Siva. I am not seeing any errors. The only sign I see that things are right is that the vault portion of the job in OC does not even start.

Because I need fully working backups tonight, I’m going to revert to my previous version.

My only reason for upgrading was to stay in the compatibility matrix for 8.1.4P1 which I’d like to install soon. If I install OnTap 8.1.4P1 without being on SC4.1P1 yet, do you know of any bugs I’ll hit?



I don't see 8.1.4 listed in the IMT for SC 4.0 as 8.1.4 is newer release.

I don't expect any issues with that, but it is out of IMT support.

If you could, please share your config file to sivar at

I shall have our QA folks look into it.

Siva Ramanathan