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Basics question about sync mirror


Hi everybody,

I am new to NET APP so my questions  may seem very basics.

from above link:

What SyncMirror is:
SyncMirror is an optional feature of Data ONTAP. It is used to mirror data to two separate aggregates. It allows for real-time mirroring of data to matching aggregates physically connected to the same storage system.


1) What constitutes same storage system? Is a cluster,  comprises multiple nodes,  considered same storage system? or do we simply mean each node (standalone or in a cluster) is  considered same storage system?


2)Let's say we have two shelves: shelf1 and shelf2  with  all disks  owned by single node in a single node cluster.
Aggr1 is using some disks from shelf1, Aggr2 is also using some disks from shelf1. Shelf2 has all disks in pool 1.

Can we still do sync mirror for Aggr1? sync mirror is enabled at aggregate level but it provides protection at shelf level ?









We typically use SyncMirror in our MetrCluster environments.  This allows data to be real time synchronized between two different physical locations, yet they are considered the same Cluster, but may have muliple HA pairs.


There is actually another whole section of Data Using SyncMirrror