Data Backup and Recovery

Calling Snapmirror Product Manager


I have a few issues with Snapshot/SnapMirror I would like to address with a Product Mgr.

  1. De-swizzle or its replacement is taking an extra-ordinary amount of time, during which time no SnapMirror updates can take place.  This is a definite GAP in SM as a DR/Backup solution - talking week or more
  2. If a volume is out of space the SM/SV snapshot is rotated in the destination, but not created in the source;  this causes the replication to become irreparably broken; another GAP.
  3. SVM-DR is likewise affected by above, except that in first example, NO volumes are updated until that single volume finishes;  I've had a 92TB volume take 14 days to do post processing, during which time my SVM-DR for all volumes was stopped.

I'd like to discuss issuing an RFE request, if that is still possible.




Few questions -

What version of ONTAP are you running? 

Are you able to convert to XDP?  there's no deswizzling with XDP.


Have you opened a support ticket?   (Generally the starting place for an RFE. )


Your NetApp Account team should be able to help get you in contact with the Product mgmt.