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Can SnapManager integration to Protection Manager have multiple SnapVault destinations?



Having an issue in meeting a requirement to snapvault to 2 locations using the SME/SMSQL ProtMgr integration.  We have a single vault relationship now that is functioning perfectly, but the customer wants both local and remote snapvaulting....  From what I am able to gather, when configuration wizard is run through SMSQL/SME, it is a globally set situation, creating a single dataset that it passes through SnapDrive to ProtMgr, and in turn can only have one policy set.....  Aside from some trickery connecting a snapvault to a snapmirror destination, and forcing updates via RSH as a post backup script, the only other method I can think of is another instance of SMSQL or SME running on another server(?) that could create the relationships, and perform a single backup/vault?   Has anyone run into this situation before, and is there a way to either have 2x snapvault relationships via SME/SMSQL, or a way to cascade that is supported for block data?


Michael Schlaerth



The "usual" way to achieve this is - indeed - to Snapvault to one controller and then use Snapmirror to create a second copy. As an example, the included Protection Manager policy "Back up, then mirror" does exactly this. I'm sure it may be possible to hack it to achieve this by scripting but you would be looking for trouble, IMHO.



We discusses, and chalked up the backup then mirror as a potential waste for disk space, as mirroring a large vault secondary will double the required space for the large vault, without buying much in return.  We created a vault relationship to the snapmirror destination, then set a schedule for snapvault snaps...  we then created a post-backup batch script to call to the snapvault destination controller via rsh to run a snapvault update -s, calling out the generically named __recent snap, to make sure the vault data we grab is completely quiesced.  It's working, and even somewhat monitorable via PM (via the external relationships tab.... can monitor for lag times from the snapvault update commands...)