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Data Backup and Recovery

Cannot restore any VM using the snapcenter vSphere plugin 4.4.0



I'm getting the following error message while trying to restore a VM :


"Error: Exception while calling pre-restore on SCV: Unable to mount datastores: Datastore1 in Backup: 113&1.Failed to create LUN clone null on volume null null."


I fount a kb about this but for snapcenter plug-in version 4.3.


Is it relevant for version 4.4 too ?

If it is, where should I enter these commands ?


Thank you for helping and keep safe,







The reason behind the failure could be caused by different issue; start by confirming the below:


1. Verify if you have FlexClone license on the storage end? You can verify by running the below command:

cluster::> license show


2. Verify if the aggregate is part of the agggr-list of the vserver:


cluster::>::> vserver show -vserver <vserver name>  -fields  aggr-list


As far as the KB you mentioned, those command you would run on the ESX host from a putty session.




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