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Commvault IntelliSnap for NetApp - Exchange Compliance Archiver


Hi Guys,


Now that SnapProtect has reached EOA, we're looking to license Commvault IntelliSnap for a customer. I understand that this is still a controller-based license from NetApp, which entitles you to download the CommCell from Commvault.


What I'm curious about is, does the Commvault IntelliSnap license include Exchange Compliance Archiver Agent, along with the other iData agents, or would this have to be purchased seperately from Commvault (on per capacity/CAL basis)?


Anyone know? We're trying to position against EMC data domain email archiving.


Alternatively, if you anyone knows what solution provides a similar funcionality on NetApp, I'd love some pointers.





The CommVault licensing you can buy through NetApp is just the IntelliSnap for NetApp one, all other agents and options would be the same licensing CommVault has otherwise.  However, if you need to backup Windows or Unix servers, you can now use the Open Systems Data Protection agent (basically OSSV that works with cDOT) under the IntelliSnap license.


Thanks James.


I have confirmed the same from a Commvault representative.