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Been watching since last year to get snapmanager updated so it could support vmware 6.7.1, was given info saying Decemeber 2018, then January 2019, th more
Hello    just a quick question here; When is Snapmanager for SQL end of life?   ManyThanks  
We are transitioning from SnapManager for SQL / Exchange / SMVI to SnapCenter.  During the transition, I was curious if SnapCenter requires VSC 7.x in more
Hello, I am just creating my first LUN via SnapCenter and am documenting the procedure. I noticed two differences with the LUN creation process in Sna more
Hi,   We have a customer that need with stop and start the Netapp storage. We neeed a procedure for make this action with all securty for the system. more
MS Exchange Server 2010 is one the most promising communication server by Microsoft, also manipulating data in case of hardware failure and accidental more
Hi i create a clone of one Database and atached to another server. Everything is ok. But in Snapcenter gui i dont find some deatach or unmount button. more
Hi,   I am trying to figure out how SnapCenter updates snapvault relations.   I have 2 resourcegroups (RG) with a seperate datastore each. These datas more
Hey,   I have just started evaluating SnapCenter and have already stumbled upon something I don't understand. However I think it's either a mis-use on more
I am working on the implementation of SnapCenter in a segmented network with secuirty controlled boundaries and therefore need to be really clear on t more