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Copy Oracle Database



Hi, you can copy the oracle volumes (solaris type) with FlexClone?
In practice we are replacing a cluster; The new cluster has two identical servers in the first cluster. For migration:
- Oracle FlexClone volumes;
- Stop Oracle Database;
- Split the clone;
- Mapping of the volumes of the new cluster;

It can 'work?
Thanks for the support.





In general, you can FlexClone Oracle databases - with few caveats, additional steps, etc.


However, why do you want to clone, rather than mount original volumes to the new servers?

Hi, thanks for the answer.
We want to clone LUN to have a consistent copy of the databases. You can indicate what steps to take with FlexClone?
Thanks again for the support.

I still don't get the cloning requiremnt - if you gracefully stop your Oracle database anyway (and presumably shut down legacy servers), it will be in a consistent state.


If you insisit on cloning, then SnapManager for Oracle (or SnapCenter) can automate all the steps.


Steps required for manual cloning are outside of my skillset.

Hi radek_kubka,

thanks for the reply.

With the stop of the oracle database for consistency, I advice you to use FlexClone or ndmpcody?
I do not SnapManager for Oracle.
FlexClone takes snapshots present, while ndmpcoy not require snapshot.
Thanks for the support.