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Creating Clones of Snapcenter 4.3 Backups through Powershell


I am trying to use Powershell with Snapcenter 4.3 to create clones of the mirror copy of my backups.  I am able to take the database backup and to clone the backup from the primary storage, but I am getting errors when trying to clone the backup.


This cmd successfully allows me to take a backup of one of my SQL databases which is spanned across 2 luns/vols:


New-SmBackup -ResourceGroupName LSB -Policy LiteSpeedLocal_MirrorClone


Then this will successfully create a clone of the backup on the primary SVM:


New-SmClone -BackupName "LSB_tst-sql_01-27-2020_14.59.47.9742" -Resources @{"host"="sqlclus-tst";"Type"="SQL Database";"Names"="TST-SQL\LiteSpeedLocal"} -AppPluginCode SMSQL -CloneToInstance "TST-SQL" -Suffix _PSClone -AutoAssignMountPoint


But if I try to point to the mirror copy it fails:


New-SmClone -BackupName "LSB_tst-sql_01-27-2020_14.59.47.9742" -Resources @{"host"="sqlclus-tst";"Type"="SQL Database";"Names"="TST-SQL\LiteSpeedLocal"} -AppPluginCode SMSQL -CloneToInstance "TST-SQL" -Suffix _PSCloneM -ArchivedLocators @{Primary="SVM1:tst_sql_sqlldf";Secondary="SVM2:tst_sql_sqlldf"} -AutoAssignMountPoint




"Failed on 'sqlclus-tst-1':
Activity 'Discover Secondary Snapshot' failed with error: Archived locator match is not
found in discovered secondary snapshot locators. Please verify configured clone dataset
archived locators with secondary mirror or vault relationships. Clone Dataset Archived
Locator: SVM: SVM2, Volume: tst_sql_sqlldf < - > Discovered Secondary Locator:
SVM IRV-NC3-002, Volume: tst_sql_046047_sqlmdf"


I am using 2 LUNs/vols for this database as noted above, but the process succeeds when run on the primary storage (SVM1) but fails here when run on the snapmirror destination copy on SVM2 (SVM 2 is a on a different node using different aggr.)





Professional services has been engaged to reconfigure snapcenter within your environment as it was not set to the best practice. Are you still having issue with the clone from secondary?




I know this is an old post, but we have a very similar issue.  How to I determine if my problem has to do with our Snapcenter system not meeting best practices.  One thing, I can run a clone lifecycle job using the UI with no problem.  But we need more flexibility so want to create a powershell script to do the same thing.  Any ideas welcome.  -- Thanks!