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DSM for WIndows MPIO - Install in 7-Mode For Transition to Cluster Mode



We are planning the 7-Mode to Cluster Mode transition.  As part of the transition, i would like to go ahead and install the Data OnTAP DSM for Windows MPIO software on our Windows servers that contain LUNs hosted by SnapDrive.  My concern is the fact that the install makes registry key changes that might affect and/or break the existing 7-mode configuration.  We are not using multipathing now, so I don't want to turn it on until we need it.  Has anyone had experience with this tool?  Is there any risk in installing the software prior to the transition to cluster mode?



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Could you please check in the IMT if you can install the same DSM with 7 (that would be needed for cDOT).


I would say yes, but I do not have all the details.


Are you not using multipathing today? I do not see a huge problem to have it installed and same one path... (well that is the same as no multipathing).


If you need to discuss more, please ping me.






Thank you for the reply!  Since posting this, we have determined that it is safe and in fact have installed it on a few 7 mode systems without issue.