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Data Broker 1.0.1 Migration - preserve IP


Hey guys,


I'm looking at doing a migration from Windows based SnapCenter Plug-in for VMWare VSphere (4.1.1) to NetApp DataBroker  1.0.1.

In reading the documentation I see how the Invoke-SCVOVAMigration requires a source and a destination deployed OVA.

My issue is that I would like to re-use the IP address that I put in place when I initially installed the Plug-in on Windows.

My reasoning is that I have a number of firewall rules I will need to put in place between the SnapCenter and the Plugin (which in this case is off-site).


So couple questions, any way we can manually export the metadata into some sort of file, power off the old plugin, register it and then power up the databroker, add it and then import the metadata?


Failing that, can I can re-ip a NetApp Databroker after the fact?

If so where would I have to reconfigure (in terms of the vCenter etc)??


Any input would be helpful.




For SCV migration SCV windows host is needed.


Also you can change the NDB IP later from NDB UI ->setting->Networks and change IP




is it necessary to migrate the data? Is the environment that complicated?

Think about creating it from scratch by using the DataBroker restAPI.

Get all datastores from the vCenter and create the jobs in Databroker using the RestAPI


I did the same here for 6 vCenters. (Two of these have ~90 datastores)