Data Backup and Recovery

Deletion of freed backups



Can anyone tell me the process of deleting Freed backups in SMO / SMSAP. We have a SMO 3.2 installation and integration with Protection Manager. We have a 3 days retention set up in SMO and a two weeks retention set up in Protection manager for the secondary storage.

The primary retention works fine, after three days the backups turn from EXIST to FREE but then they stay FREE in the repository until I manually delete them. I want backups to be automatically deleted in SMO after the retention period of two weeks that is set up in Protection Manager.

How and when does SMO check if the backup still exist on secondary storage and, if not, deletes the backup from the repository.



it should be deleted automatically after the retention expired on the PM.

However there were changes with version 3.2 related to keeping history in the SMODB repository, so this could be a bug that came out of those changes, see page 275 of the instalation guide.


OK, Thank's Jorge. I have created a case regarding this and will let you know