Data Backup and Recovery

Disconnect Snapdrive clone without containing vol getting deleted


In Snapdrive for Windows versions prior to 7.1 There was a "feature" that meant if you renamed the flexclone volume created as part of a lun clone, when disconnecting from the lun - Snapdrive would not delete the containing flexclone volume.


Since version 7.1, this has stopped working - SD will now always delete the containing flexclone vol when disconnecting from the lun regardless of the name.


Is there an easy way round this in the later versions of Snapdrive?

We did have a use here where a snapshot would be taken of a primary system then a clone mounted on a secondary to run various tests/processes - once completed, it was not uncommon to then request the clone to be mounted back to the primary system (quicker than copying the data) - once on the primary system, then clone split would be run to tidy up.


Running clone split before disconnecting the clone from secondary is out of the question, as this process usually takes too long, and no checkpoint snapshots can be taken of the flexvol while this is occuring.


I know i can un-map the lun on the storage system and re-map manually - but i would like to avoid extra manual intervention if possible.



Any Ideas/suggestions welcome.