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Snap Manager for Hyper -v not seeing all guests within dataset


Hi all


So i have a strange issue, we have 5 2008r2 Hyper-V hosts and on these various vm guests.

The trouble I am having is that within the Snapmanager for Hyper-v dataset is that its not seeing all our guest vm's.

Its set to look at the cluster DNS name.

On 1 host its seeing all and then for example on another host its seeing 1 guest but none of the others.

Its very random and I have checked and done comparisons between vm's and there is no obvious answer.


We have 4 CSV's and I have done a cluster validation report and all is ok.

I am able to migrate storage and move vm's again without issue so I dont think the cluster or hyper v environment is to blame.


Unfortunately I arrived into the role and discovered this and so my theory is that my predecessor knew about it but left it be.

Obviously this means we are shy of backups.


Any ideas or pointers would be great