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Does Live Migration work when no VDS?


Wondering if Live Migration of VM's should work if setup correctly without having VDS (which I don't on standard plan)?

Had an issue with a 1 of 3 hosts coming offline and VMS on it did not get migrated to other hosts even though there was plenty of spare capacity on other 2 hosts.


If so (should work without VDS) is there maybe some settings we should check to assure VM's next time to get automatically migrated when a host comes offline?


FYI: using netapp fas2240-2 for shared storage and running 6.7.


Thanks ahead of time.







Hi there!


Assuming you mean VMWare HA, no, distributed switching is not a requirement, however having at least two datastores is, to enable datastore heartbeating. In terms of your question, "Live Migration" is a specific capability of vmotion - notably it is not the feature used to manage VM availability if a host goes down. 


VMWare's forums might be a better place to ask, but their documentation for configuring vSphere HA for 6.7 is available here as a starting point. 


However, by my reading of their compatibility page, you are not running a supported combination - for all releases of vSphere 6.7, ONTAP 9.3 is the minimum version, while for the FAS2240-2, ONTAP 9.1 is the maximum version. vSphere 6.5 U3 will support whatever you're running on the FAS2240 however.


It's a standards compliant communication protocol, so it should work, but in the end it is up to VMWare if they choose to support it, and they do not.


Hope this helps!