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SnapCenter backup VMDK for SQL


Hi team,

We have discussion with customer and wish implement SnapCenter for backup SQL.

So, LUN (FC) from Netapp connected to VSphere as VMFS datastore. We have VM with Microsoft SQL located on this datastore.

If we connect VMDK (as disk) to VM which located on same datastore  and want backup SQL will it work?

Is it possible restore SQL DB granullary? 

Or supported config if we locate SQL DB on RDM LUN only?

Which backup config supported SnapCenter for SQL and Exchange (I guess same config supported for both)?


LUN->VMFS->VM on datastore->RDM LUN where SQL/Exchange located






What version of SnapCenter are you runnning?  If you wish to backup virtualized SQL servers on VMFS datastores you will need to make sure the vSphere plugin is registered within SnapCenter.  You can backup SQL servers attached to VMFS datastores but you should seperate your database and log files on different VMFS datastores.  If you want different schedules or snapshot retentions for each database you will need to have multiple VMFS datastores.  It doesn't matter if you use VMFS or RDM's you should be able to get granular recovery of those databases with SnapCenter.