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Moving SQL-Databases to another LUN with same Letter - dependency to SnapManager SQL?


Hello community,


i need a little statement. We are running SQL Server 2012 with SnapManager. The databases are located on LUNs with a few driveletters (DB, TA, Logs). Now we have to backup and restore the database because we reached the end of the LUN-geometry. So we plan the following szenario:


1. Backup the running database.
2. Detach the database in SQL-Mgmt.

3. Detach the old LUNs (DB, TA, Logs).

4. Attach the new LUNs with new geometry and size (DB, TA, Logs).

5. Assign the old driveletters to the new LUNs

6. Restore the database-backup to the new LUNs

7. Attach the database and take it online.

8. Finish: All databases and drives should have the same names as before.


Question: Are there any dependency to the SnapManager installation? Or just we need to make a clean reboot and everything also the SnapManager Jobs should running fine?


Thanks for your replys and have a nice day.



If you are using SnapManager you could actually create the new LUNS, assign drive letters and then use SnapManager to migrate the data to the new LUNS.  Here's a link that walks you through the process.


If you don't want to do that then the process you have below should work fine and shouldn't cause any issues with SnapManager.


Hi Trubida,


thanks for your fast reply. we have to use same letters and want to optimize the filesizes. so we decided to use the nativ way.


you wrote:

"If you don't want to do that then the process you have below should work fine and should cause any issues with SnapManager.


Do you mean "should cause any issue with smsql" or "not cause"?


thanks and have a great day


Sorry, haven't had my second cup this morning.  The way you have it listed shouldn't cause any problems.  


Ok thanks, same by me, need also a second one 😉


i'm sorry but one more question 😉 what about the old snapshots that may still be kept in SnapManager? Will the volumes be rediscovered by SnapDrive, and so would SnapManager be happy?


thank you


After you move the data I would run through the configuration wizard in SnapManager.  That should take care of any updates that need to be done.