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Does SDU/SMO 3.0.x allow multiple Logical Volumes in a Disk group with VxVM??


IHAC that wants to use VxVM (on Solaris) for volume management of their Oracle environment.  Basically, they want to use the following set up:

One disk group for Oracle Datafiles /  partitioned into 7 LVMs

One disk group for Oracle Archive Logs /  Partitioned into 2 LVMs

One disk group for Temp Tablespace / Partitioned into 2 LVMs

One disk group for the Online REDO logs. / Partitioned into 2 LVMs

My question is whether or not SDU/SMO supports recovery in an environment consisting of multple LVMs pr disk group?

How would we restore a subset of a Disk Group (single LVM) if needed or even a single data file within a LVM?   Do we clone the DG/LV and host copy the required files??



I just wanted to add a little bit more to this thread to get more specific on what I am looking for.

Given the layout of multiple logical volumes in a disk group, how does SMO do a "Single File Restore or Tablespace Restore".

Here is how I envision the process.... let me know if I am wrong.  I came up with two options.

1) SMO/SDU would clone the luns and recreate a temporary disk group and map it back to the host. Then use a host based copy to retieve the desired datafile(s).

2) The second option would be to manually "mount" the snapshot associated with the VG and LVM and copy the desired datafile(s).

Let me know what you think.




SDU does not support this layout of having multiple volumes in a single DG. There is a burt for the same - 314884. This is related to LVM and applies to vxvm as well.


Kiran J.N.


Well, from what I found is that the FULL restore of the ENTIRE disk group is supported.  We cannot restore a single Logical volume of the disk group.

So, if they needed to restore a single data file, we would have to "MOUNT" the snapshot of the Disk Group and then manually copy the datafiles needed back to the active file system.  SMO might not be able to do this, but it can be done via scripts outside od SMO.

I know that snapdrive supportes the "snap connect" of an entire volume group.

Here is a "snipit" from the SDU manual (4.1.1):

"SnapDrive for UNIX integrates with the host LVM to determine which NetApp LUNs make up
each disk group, host volume, and file system requested for Snapshot copy.
Because the data from any specified host volume can be distributed across all disks in the disk group,
Snapshot copies can be made and restored only for whole disk groups."



Even SMO does allow to restore a single file as well. SMO also does connect the filesystem and restore a single file. The workaround mentioned by you outside SMO.