Data Backup and Recovery

Exchange 2010 SME 6.X/7.X Add 3rd NODE two working 2 NODE SME DAG HOW?


QUESTION: Should we make the NEW Server a NEW third member of the DAG BEFORE or AFTER the integration of SME and MOVE from temporary local storage to Netapp LUN's



Exchange 2010 SP3, RU14

SME6.X or SME 7.2

SRV 2008R2 SP1


How it is and is running now: We have a existing working and SME running 2-NODE Dag 

Netapp: SME is running on the other two NOES and we want to add another NODE

Target: We want to add another NODE to the DAG.



* The NEW 3rd node DAG SRV2008R2 with Exchange 2010 SP3 RU14 is setup and Interfaces LAN and DAG are correct



Now with SME we had to MOVE/MIGRATE from 😧 to the real LUNS




* Should we make the NEW Server a member of the DAG BEFORE or AFTER the integration of SME and MOVE from temporary local storage to Netapp LUN's

* I don't remember how we did that the last time

* I remember that in the DAG all DRIVES and PATHS have to be exact the SAME so how can we do this then?





2ND Question


If LUNS are all there SHOULD we make the MDB's DIRECT on the STORAGE. This realted to ECMP1649948.pdf page 19. Evene if we have to RUN the Migration wizard then.

CAN this be the identical PATH in the FIELD FROM and TO in below screenshots then?



SnapManager® 7.1 for Microsoft® Exchange Server, Installation and Setup Guide

ECMP1649948.pdf page 19


Migrating databases and configuring SnapManager for Exchange servers

Before you can back up your databases using SnapManager, you need to run the SnapManager

Configuration wizard for each Exchange server. You use the Configuration wizard to migrate

databases to NetApp storage and to configure SnapManager for your Exchange servers.

About this task



Even if you create new databases directly on NetApp storage, you need to run the Configuration

wizard to create a mapping between those databases and the SnapInfo directory.




Greetings from Switzerland




This shows how we did old the two FIRST NODES before ANY Productive Data was on the Exchange a few years ago.

Both MDB and the LOCAL database + TS LOGS where first PUT on the 😧 Drives of both DAG than migrated to the LUN with SME.


I can't do that with a NEW add node. Because the PATHS will be different TO the running existing setup....







Way we setup the FIRST TWO NODES



Existing DBS's and paths FINALL version with 2 NODES

[2016-07-18 17-07-16.jpg


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