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Snapproctect Auxiliaire copy lock snapshot snapshot




I have a backup job for all of my VM. The job is configured with primary snapshot that maintains 10 snapshots. I ain an auxiliary SnapVault copy to a second bay. The snapshots I retain 30 plus every month for a year.
The backup works correctly and replication.


The data aging is not working and the snapshots are not deleted on the source volume as they are locked by an owner.


CLUNETPROD::> snapmirror snapshot-owner show -vserver SVM_NFS -volume VOL_NFS_DATASTORE5

Vserver  Volume               Snapshot             Owner Names

-------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------------

SVM_NFS  VOL_NFS_DATASTORE5   SP_2_2501_1442175596 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_2488_1442088669 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_2476_1442003170 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_2464_1441915976 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_2450_1441829513 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_2431_1441743089 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_2419_1441656784 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_2401_1441570139 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_2388_1441483742 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_2376_1441397350 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_2361_1441311106 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_2331_1441225631 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_1307_1441138488 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_1234_1440810665 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_1209_1440724291 OCUM_2

                              SP_2_181_1440637896  OCUM_2

                              SP_2_168_1440551515  OCUM_2

                              SP_2_155_1440465069  OCUM_2

                              SP_2_142_1440378691  OCUM_2

                              SP_2_124_1440205882  OCUM_2

I have a current support ticket. I am looking for the solution that frees SnapProtect snapshots I manage to do it by hand.


Bests Regards



Can you show the details of the storage policy that creates these snapshots?


Have a look one of the volumes in OCUM and click on the protection tab, I suspect that there is a protection relationship been created every time the volume is backed up which is why it can't age out the snapshot. Can't explain why that would be happening or how to stop it sorry but would explain why data aging is not working.




Did you get any resolution to this? I have the same issue.