Data Backup and Recovery

Exchange 2010 with SnapProtect


Hi All.

I'm currently working on a system comprising of two 8020 FASs (Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3) with an existing SnapProtect 10 SP10 implementation using Primary and SnapVault style backups with VSA and NAS (NFS) backups working fine. Exchange 2010 is running on the VM system and currently backed up just using the VSA. The protocols in use are NFS and CIFS - (including NFS for the VMDKs that hold Exchange). My query is regarding the options for granular restore for items (i.e. per mailbox/per mail item) with SnapProtect and either the Exchange Database Agent or the Exchange Offline Mining Tool with the minimum of disruption to the existing systems. There are plenty of guides describing how to build a complete system from scratch with media servers and new storage policies etc. however, can anyone suggest any pointers as to what components and processes are required to add the granular restore of Exchange items to this existing setup would be? Do I need a completely new Storage Policy or can it be acheived by modifying existing components?


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