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Exit codes...



We use an external  centralized scheduler to run snapcreator on a lot of database hosts.

If snapcreator finish with any exit code different from 0 it creates a case to our 1st level support team.

I would like to eliminate such cases that are not necessary to raise a case.

One example is if the snapvault process gets some network/NDMP errors that just is temporary.

Then snapcreator exit with a status of "Successful with errorrs" code.

This is not nessecary to raise a case to support since in the end it was succeful.

So i am looking for a documentation over the possible exitcodes snapcreator can end with.

But i cant seem to find it.

Is there such a documentation?

Or do we have to trial and error our way on this?

Regards Magnus



Since there are no answer to this i guess no such documentation exists?

Regards Magnus