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Help with Snapmanager for Exchange on Exchange 2010 sp1


Hi everybody

We have Exchange 2010 Sp1 in DAG mode (Ex01,Ex02,Ex03).

Ex01 - Mounted, database on netapp (snapdrive + Lun).

Ex02 - Healthy  , database on local disk.

Ex03 (DR) -  Healthy  , database on local disk.

i try to configure Snapmanager for Exchange but it not work.

i have installed the Snapmanager on evey exchange server.

can i use Snapmanager for Exchange if i have local database on EX02 and Ex03?

Thanks shai



Hi shai,

You can still use SME, but in a context of Ex01 only, not DAG.

SME and/or SnapDrive should not installed on Ex02 and Ex03.

Have a look at this doc:

page 6, 7





it not work for me

i uninstall SMEX and Sanpdrive from EX02 and EX03.

and now i have problem witn configuration as you can see here.

Thanks shai


You have three databases but only two LUNs. You must have the database files in their own LUN (and own FlexVols) and then the logs in another. So, what you see is correct at the moment.

1. Create two more FlexVols and put LUNs in them for the databases.

2. Create two very small FlexVols and put LUNs in them for mount points, mount them as D and E off folders in the C drive.

3. Install SDW and SME on the other two nodes.

4. Configure the drive mappings on all nodes so that they are gong to look the same. On the DAS servers you're going to have a mount point off the C drive to the local disks.

5. Use Exchange to do all the moving

6. Run through the configuration wizard and you should see every thing valid and nothing to do except for creation of the SnapInfo directories.


Thanks  a alot

i will test it



in a DAG environment it's not necessary and in my experience better to have the mount points on the C Drive (or a fixed drive of the local machine) reasons:

- you'll need the same disk layout on all databases of the same DAG. means - if you mix DAS / SAN on the nodes you need the same path to the EDB file / Logfile folder on all members replicating the same database. in the DAS environment it's much easier to mount the additional drives in the DAS environment on the local c drive than to try recreate the disk layout of the DAS in the SAN...(which leads as you wrote to additional small luns / vols not used for anything than a placeholder)

- creating dependencies between different disks (iscsi / fc) is a bit difficult and tends to be a problem. i've seen the mount lun coming online after the mounted disk which leads to a missing mount point / empty directory on the mount lun and a failing DAG member... Can not happen with the mount point on the local c drive...

just my 10 cent...

BG Christoph


Very true. I have customers who take very different paths when they have the options explained. Luckily we support all the ways, even though I might prefer them to put the mount points in a folder off the C.