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Snapcreator for domino install on windows 2008R2


Hi All,

I install snapcreator for backup domino, the snapcreator server service start with "service account" with local administrator group, but when run scdump on snapcreator framework, it prompt error.

After investigate, we try to use administrator account to start the service, the scdump run successfully.

So I want to know what type of account use for start the service of snapcreator server on windows ? Administrator only ? or local administrator group? Other?





Hi Alex,

The Domino integration requires that the user be the administrative user

I have sent this to our domino expert so he might also add some more detail





The documentation is being updated for Snap Creator 3.5 - there is an issue with the 3.4 documentation that needed to be addressed.

There are two types of environmental variables - user and system. 

If you use a system variable you can use a local user - if you use a user variable then you must use that user.

I suspect that the variable may have been added as a user variable for the administrator user as opposed to a system variable which is why it works for administrator.

Here are the updated directions:

Environmental Variables – The path to the Domino binary files needs to be added into the Environmental Variables for Windows. This should be the same path as the Notes_ExecDirectory listed in the parameters section.

To add the path to the Environmental Variables:

  1. Right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties” (If My Computer is not on the Desktop it can usually be found in the Start menu)
  2. Click the “Advanced” tab in Windows 2003 or the “Advanced system settings” task in Windows 2008
  3. Click “Environmental Variables”
  4. There are two sections here – User variables and System variables.  NetApp recommends using a system variable.  With a user variable the Snap Creator service will need to be run as that particular user.
  5. Locate and select PATH, then click “Edit”
  6. Append “;” after the last value then add the Domino path
  7. Click “Ok” on each window until you exit to the Desktop

Note:  If you perform these steps after Snap Creator is installed you will need to restart the Snap Creator service(s).

Hope this helps - please let us know if you need additional information.