Data Backup and Recovery

How to backup/restore individual VMs for Ontap8.1 7-Mode, Snapvault, and vCenter/Esxi?


I am trying to implement a backup to disk solution for our Production environment. It comprises 1 x NetApp FAS 2040-2 with ONTAP 8.1 7-Mode (primary storage), 1 x NetApp FAS 2040-4 with ONTAP 8.1 7-Mode as a secondary storage (slow disks, only fit for backups), ESX 6.0 and vCenter 6.0. All datastores are VMFS. I am confused on what the best path is, to be able to backup to secondary storage, and recover individual VMs and if possible, single files within VMs. I want to be able to retain snapshots for 1 week, on Primary Storage, and for 4 weeks on Secondary Storage.

Virtual Storage Console is good backing up and restoring individual VMs, but it seems to require ONTAP 8.2 on Clustered mode to be able to integrate with SnapVault. So this will only help with snapshot backups to Primary Storage. We also don't seem to have the license for SMVI-Vmware. We do have licenses for Snapvault and DFM.

I have installed the NetApp Management console and OnCommand Unified Manager Core Package, and I am able to register the Primary and Secondary storage, and backup volumes to both primary and secondary locations, using Protection Policies. What I need now is to work out the way to restore individual Virtual Machines. I am confused if I should install Open Systems Snapvault and where (ESXi hosts, vCenter server?).

Are there other combinations that will be better suited for this environment? We are not able to upgrade ONTAP at the moment.

Any advice will be appreciated.



I have done more research, and it all points to OnCommand Unified Host Package .... which was discontinued in 2013. Great!. Now the question becomes shorter: Is there a solution for all poor us stuck on 7-Mode, to integrate SnapVault backups with Vcenter?