Data Backup and Recovery

DR Snapmirror best practice with Snapmanager and VSC


we have an infrastructure with Netapp in two site (Primary and Dr).

The infrastructure is managed by all tool of Netapp (Snapmanager for Sharepoint, SnapManager for SQL, Snapdrive and VSC on VMWare VCenter).

In this moment Disaster Recovery with SRM is not implemented but we have all data replicated to DR site with Snampmirror.

We are going to setup SRM to automatize DR and we have some question to manage data replica between the two sites in the best way.
The snapmirror are managed by the tools (SMSP,SMSQL and VSC) and in this moment we are scheduled (SQL and VSC) 1 daily backup and for SP a backup every 2 hours. To manage RPO we must increase frequency of snapmirror. To do this what is the best solution?

We manage snapmirror creating new backup job  with the specific tool to increase frequency of snapmirror (for example hourly jobs) or we manage snapmirror for RPO directly scheduling snapmirror of volumes with Storage level?
I hope my request is clear


Thank You